SpatialCube – Raster Storage Archive is a storage and analysis system for raster and other 2-Dimensional geospatial data, such as satellite imagery.

Geospatial data have traditionally been difficult to use. A single dataset might be spread across many overlapping images that need to be downloaded and collated before use – no small task given the tremendous volumes of this type of data.

 VPAC Innovations developed SpatialCube to make it easy to store and access geospatial images, leaving more time for data analysis and research.


  • Storage for continental-scale raster datasets.
  • Efficient read/write access to small sections of data.
  • Data cube with 3 dimensions (x, y and time) and any number of bands (channels).
  • Simple import and export process.
  • Server-side queries (custom image processing).
  • Command line and web service interfaces.
  • Support for access via OGC web services.
  • Direct access to image files on the server.
  • Designed for use on desktop and high performance computers (HPC).


  • Open source software with strong commercial support. Get the source from
  • Allows creation of shared repositories of geospatial data.
  • Easier access to data: no need to manually collate images.
  • Server-side image processing for running queries close to the data.
  • Gives researchers more time to analyse data.

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