National Data Grid

The National Data Grid project aims to demonstrate an innovative infrastructure for managing grid cell (raster) data, and to promote the use of such data in a consistent way across Australia.

managing geospatial raster data

Geospatial data, e.g. data that may be displayed on a map, is produced and used by many organisations across Australia. The uses for this data range from infrastructure planning to agriculture and beyond.

CRC-SI required a system for the storage and transmission of geospatial raster data. VPAC developed two components of this system:

  1. the National Nested Grid (NNG), being a system for indexing Australian raster datasets;
  2. the Raster Storage Archive (RSA), which is a web-based system for storing raster data.

These components enable greater collaboration between the users of geospatial raster data. CRC-SI can now use these components to encourage the adoption of national raster data standards.


Further Information

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