Landblade is a powerful web-based spatial data modelling tool. It provides you a fast and easy way to access a large variety of demographic and spatial data – anytime, anywhere.  And it’s easy to use, even by non-experts.



  • Collates datasets in one convenient place

    Landblade provides a more convenient way to store, access and collate map data.

  • landblade-collates datasets


  • Fast, intuitive and consistent access to thousands of datasets

    Landblade provides you with a convenient way to access thousands of ready-to-use datasets, such as climate, infrastructure, agriculture, demographics, nature, land ownership, satellite imagery and more.

  • landblade-ready-to-use datasets


  • Advanced analytics functions: group and filter data interactively

    Data in Landblade can be categorised by different attributes. You can explore the data by switching between the various attributes of a layer and by filtering one attribute with another. Analyses of the relationships between the attributes make data discovery and learning more efficient.

  • landblade- advanced analytics function


  • Combine multiple layers to ask detailed questions

    With Landblade’s powerful query capability, you can quickly and easily derive deeper insights of the data. The ability to combine multiple layers allows you to ask complex questions of the data.

  • landblade-powerful query capability


  • Responsive design – accessible through all kinds of devices

    Landblade is accessible through web browsers, with a responsive user interface and page layout that adapts to the user device. No matter what device you use, you can access the data quickly and efficiently – any time, anywhere.

  • landblade-responsive design



Landblade was developed using proven technologies. It is currently hosted on an OpenStack based cloud system but offers compatibility with a number of Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) providers.  Modern web frameworks such as AngularJS and Bootstrap were used to provided an experience expected of modern web -applications.  Backend tools offer a high degree of performance and the agility to respond to changing requirements.


Product Services

We developed Landblade to make geospatial data and analytics available to everyone. We can integrate a wide selection of datasets. If you want to store your own data in Landblade, we can help you with installation, maintenance, customisation, hosting and training.


Further information

For further information regarding Landblade, please contact VPAC Innovations at