jSub was developed by VPAC to improve the efficiency of job submission and reduce the learning curve for end users in a HPC environment. Tasks that it automates are listed in the Features section.

Each application that a user wishes to use on the HPC can be configured as a template while still allowing user defined fields that are associate with the application such as any runtime flags the user wishes to use. The job submission tab of the GUI is shown on the right.

Users can monitor output files from their job on the fly without having to log onto the server and also manipulate the queue by putting jobs on hold or deleting jobs.


  • Central point of control for job submission, monitoring and file transfers.
  • Do not need to know where applications or different versions of the applications are installed.
  • Templates can be created and stored centrally such that any changes to job submission scripts or new versions of the software are immediately reflected in the GUI for end users Reduces engineering time spent on nonvalue added activities.
  • Reduces stress by taking away the burden of performing repetitive tasks and switching between the Windows and Linux environments.


  • Transferring input files from a Windows/Linux client to an HPC server
  • Submitting the job to the PBS / LFS queuing system on the server
  • Monitoring the job status
  • Remotely viewing the progress of the analysis
  • Retrieving the output files from the server to the client
  • User configurable templates that dynamically alter the jSub GUI to suit your needs
  • Reduces engineering time spent on non-value added activities

System Requirements

Server Side Requirements:
  • SSH server
  • PBS/LSF Queuing system
Client Side Requirements:
  • Java Runtime 1.4+
  • Windows 7/8, Linux

Contact Us for MoreĀ Information

For further information regarding jSub, please contact info@vpac-innovations.com.au.