Electric Vehicle Drivetrain

CaseS_ElectricVehicleDrivetrain This is an AutoCRC Visionary Project Program Electric Vehicle Theme project. The project developed a demonstration of an Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrain and storage integration that can be applied to existing vehicles for hybrid EV and full EV conversion and used for new EV and hybrid vehicles. Once developed, the goal is to transfer this technology to Australian industry expanding from the local to international markets that collaborates with the AutoCRC 2020.

A unique aspect of the research is a holistic approach to the problem. The system developed can accommodate a variety of batteries (or alternative energy storage systems), through advanced development of the power control, system integration and world class drive motor technology. In particular a system that is commercially competitive in terms of cost and intellectual property has been developed. The key areas of the project include the following:

  • Development of in-wheel motor using switched reluctance (SR) motor technology for four-wheel or two-wheel EV application.
  • Designed and built a motor controller for in-wheel EV application.
  • Designed and built a super controller (interfacing in-wheel motor, battery pack and motor controller to provide overall control to the vehicle).
  • Power interface and power management system incorporating a selection of commercially available battery products.

Further Information

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