Engineering Case Studies

  • OpenFOAM Benchmarking

    The goal of the project was to benchmark an open source CFD toolkit, OpenFOAM, against a commercial CFD package used in industry. The goal was to successfully produce simulations regarding heat transfer, through the modes of conduction and convection, in OpenFOAM and that they be relatively similar with commercial industry standard software results. These results […]

  • Virtual Painting

    Manufacturing Process Simulation

    The goal of the project was to evaluate and improve the client’s simulation capability for use in their surface and heat treatment manufacturing process. The VPAC team achieved this by leveraging expertise in state-of-the-art numerical modelling, development with free and open-source software, and deep knowledge gained from investigation of the physical processes. A novel approach […]

  • Case study - Electric Vehicle Drivetrain

    Electric Vehicle Drivetrain

    This is an AutoCRC Visionary Project Program Electric Vehicle Theme project. The project developed a demonstration of an Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrain and storage integration that can be applied to existing vehicles for hybrid EV and full EV conversion and used for new EV and hybrid vehicles. Once developed, the goal is to transfer this […]