• Landblade


    Description Landblade is a powerful web-based spatial data modelling tool. It provides you a fast and easy way to access a large variety of demographic and spatial data – anytime, anywhere.  And it’s easy to use, even by non-experts.   Features           Technology Landblade was developed using proven technologies. It is […]

  • landblade-map

    Land Capability Modelling Pilot Project

    Overview In the past, working with geospatial data required diverse skills and large budgets: the software was complicated, and the datasets were large and cumbersome. This created roadblocks for efficient and informed decision-making. VPAC INNOVATIONS is changing that. Working with the Victorian Government’s Department of Environment and Primary Industries (DEPI), we have developed an innovative […]

  • Real-Time Snow Making Control System

    The project developed a software application that integrated a real time spatial database for monitoring and controlling snow making systems at Falls Creek Ski resort, Victoria, Australia. The project leveraged the Company’s enterprise Relational Database (RDBMS) platform to collate and store snow making and weather data, and interfaced it with real-time data analytics and thematic […]

  • Marine Benthic Habitat Mapping

    This project developed a solution for a large Australian research organisation, to better understand the geophysical characteristics and benthic communities in coastal Victoria, Australia. VPAC’s participation involved the development of an automated procedure to process large volumes of multibeam sonar data coupled with geo-referenced video “ground truth” data collected off the coast of Victoria. An […]

  • National Data Grid

    The National Data Grid project aims to demonstrate an innovative infrastructure for managing grid cell (raster) data, and to promote the use of such data in a consistent way across Australia. Geospatial data, e.g. data that may be displayed on a map, is produced and used by many organisations across Australia. The uses for this […]

  • OpenFOAM Benchmarking

    The goal of the project was to benchmark an open source CFD toolkit, OpenFOAM, against a commercial CFD package used in industry. The goal was to successfully produce simulations regarding heat transfer, through the modes of conduction and convection, in OpenFOAM and that they be relatively similar with commercial industry standard software results. These results […]

  • Virtual Painting

    Manufacturing Process Simulation

    The goal of the project was to evaluate and improve the client’s simulation capability for use in their surface and heat treatment manufacturing process. The VPAC team achieved this by leveraging expertise in state-of-the-art numerical modelling, development with free and open-source software, and deep knowledge gained from investigation of the physical processes. A novel approach […]

  • Case study - Electric Vehicle Drivetrain

    Electric Vehicle Drivetrain

    This is an AutoCRC Visionary Project Program Electric Vehicle Theme project. The project developed a demonstration of an Electric Vehicle (EV) drivetrain and storage integration that can be applied to existing vehicles for hybrid EV and full EV conversion and used for new EV and hybrid vehicles. Once developed, the goal is to transfer this […]

  • SpatialCube

    SpatialCube – Raster Storage Archive is a storage and analysis system for raster and other 2-Dimensional geospatial data, such as satellite imagery. Geospatial data have traditionally been difficult to use. A single dataset might be spread across many overlapping images that need to be downloaded and collated before use – no small task given the […]

  • jSub

    jSub was developed by VPAC to improve the efficiency of job submission and reduce the learning curve for end users in a HPC environment. Tasks that it automates are listed in the Features section. Each application that a user wishes to use on the HPC can be configured as a template while still allowing user […]

  • VicTorii™

    VicTorii™ is a web-based project portfolio tool for the purpose of planning, tracking and managing research and development projects in Cooperative Research Centers (CRCs). VicTorii™ has been designed and built by VPAC, using sophisticated Web 2.0 technologies providing a unique application feel in a web environment. View VicTorii flyer here. Benefits Researchers, Industry project sponsors […]