vMOULD™ Project Wins Professional Engineering Gold Award


Congratulations to VPAC INNOVATIONS on winning the Gold award, in the manufacturing category, for the vMOULD™ project at the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australasia’s (SAE-A) 2014 Mobility Engineering Excellence Awards, a prestigious recognition among the highest levels of Australian manufacturing.

On 29th October, Jarrod Sinclair, Alex Fraser, Aditya Mulemane and Thomas Dittmar of VPAC INNOVATIONS received the “Professional Engineering Gold Award”.

vMOULD™ is a unique and entirely new industrial cloud-based software application that automates mould design, development and optimisation process. It enhances and streamlines the design and manufacturing process for tools used in production of injection moulded plastic parts and, in the process, eliminates costly trial and error re-working and associated wastage of physical ‘mould trials’.

vMOULD™ was wholly conceived and developed in Australia, and was undertaken in collaboration with AutoCRC Ltd and Malaysia Automotive Institute. The result of two years of  collaborative R&D effort, vMOULD™ has benefited from significant industry, university, and state and federal government contributions. The product’s world-wide export potential supports and enhances Australia’s reputation in value-added technical innovations.

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