Engineering Solutions

Our vision is to develop Virtual Product Development strategies that lead to “zero physical prototypes” and greater environmental sustainability by using advanced computing solutions.

Services to Suit Your Needs

We provide you with tailored engineering services. Our engineers understand the pressures from shorter design cycles. Our rapid engineering team is the ideal partner to meet your challenges. We are well versed in analysis, design and process improvement. We have an award winning record for implementing cost effective solutions that solve your problems and enhance your business.


VPAC Innovations’ clients use our extensive simulation and optimisation expertise in the fields of structural analysis, computational fluid dynamics, crashworthiness, noise, vibration and harshness, metal forming, kinematics, dynamics, fatigue, combustion, thermal and chemical reaction simulations.


You can leverage our Advanced Computing platform for design space evaluation, advanced CAD and Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization (MDO).

Process Improvement

Multi-disciplinary Design Optimization

We create tailored innovative solutions to improve your product life cycle. We develop unique methodologies using software integration, workflow automation, advanced visualization, and design process mapping. We assist you with turnkey solutions through each step in your business – from needs analysis, implementation, rollout and training.

New Application Development

We develop new software applications that encapsulate customised engineering methodologies and approaches. Our clients benefit from these solutions that are designed to give them a unique competitive advantage.

Further Information

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