Core Services – at a Glance

  • Engineering

    Engineering service at VPAC Innovations provides value to our clients through delivery of state of the art simulation services and software.

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  • Geospatial

    VPAC Innovations delivers reliable, innovative IT solutions to enable management and analysis of large spatial datasets for better decision making.

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  • Commercialisation

    Commercial services at VPAC Innovations provides companies and government departments with bespoke services and solutions to support Innovation.

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    • IT Consulting

      Providing technology audits and reviews at project and enterprise level

    • Project Management

      Provision of project managers and project management framework to manage delivery of innovation projects or demonstrators

    • New Application Development

      Develop software applications that encapsulate new engineering methodologies and approaches

    • Data Management

      Spatial Data Infrastructure, National Data Grid, SpatialCube (Raster Storage Archive), Ontologies, Vocabularies, Metadata standards

    • Software Development

      Utilizing Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Open Source, Commercial API’s, Open Platforms, Systems Integration

    • Modelling and Simulation

      Noise attenuation, Plume movement, Traffic modelling, Shadow casting , Scientific formats (NetCDF)

    • 3D Visualisation

      Web, Desktop and Mobile devices, Photo realistic street vies, Day/Night, underground features and objects

    • Process Improvement

      A combination of analysis services are used to model, simulate and optimise current processes.

    • High Performance “back end” Service

      Scalable Geographic Information Service (GIS) infrastructure,  brokering access to High Performance Computing (HPC),  Data hosting, Virtual Reality (VR) capabilities

    • Funding Applications

      Work with clients to identify Innovation funding opportunities from government, institutional and private finance.

Recent Case Studies