• Landblade


    Description Landblade is a powerful web-based spatial data modelling tool. It provides you a fast and easy way to access a large variety of demographic and spatial data – anytime, anywhere.  And it’s easy to use, even by non-experts.   Features           Technology Landblade was developed using proven technologies. It is […]

  • SpatialCube

    SpatialCube – Raster Storage Archive is a storage and analysis system for raster and other 2-Dimensional geospatial data, such as satellite imagery. Geospatial data have traditionally been difficult to use. A single dataset might be spread across many overlapping images that need to be downloaded and collated before use – no small task given the […]

  • jSub

    jSub was developed by VPAC to improve the efficiency of job submission and reduce the learning curve for end users in a HPC environment. Tasks that it automates are listed in the Features section. Each application that a user wishes to use on the HPC can be configured as a template while still allowing user […]

  • VicTorii™

    VicTorii™ is a web-based project portfolio tool for the purpose of planning, tracking and managing research and development projects in Cooperative Research Centers (CRCs). VicTorii™ has been designed and built by VPAC, using sophisticated Web 2.0 technologies providing a unique application feel in a web environment. View VicTorii flyer here. Benefits Researchers, Industry project sponsors […]